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Welcome back

Welcome back to my life. Been a few months since I’ve been able to organize my thoughts.

Had my parents over for my birthday. It was pleasant to have them over at my house for the first time. My daughter is leaving for China and my son is getting back from Spain. They will be passing each other overlapping for about a week.

The game programming is coming along. Python and PyGame are the back on my things to do for fun list. I’ve been digging apart Sean Riley’s book and distilling the patterns. Read a book at B&N on patterns and designs of games. It was interesting to think of games as patterns. Breaking things down simplifies fun into components. Tic-Tac-Toe here I come.

My day job is entering an interesting phase of the project. Massive upgrades of the infrastructure and large amount of knowledge transfer. I’ve been in classes every other week for the last two months. It’s only going to accelerate in the coming months.

My sister-in-law is in Washington state doing well with the pregnancy. Daniel is still abroad doing his thing overseas.

I’ll be back here in a bit.