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Thinkpad T480 WWAN SSD

Adding another SSD Drive

In my etermal tinkering with my Lenovo Thinkpad T480s, I have continued the trend of adding new features. So earlier, in A new to me but old laptop and New Laptop update, I threw out a bunch of enhancement options. Some of those I’ve done and some I left on the backlog as things that just cost too much on my metric of usefulness per dollar. The WWAN SSD for extra storage was one of those that just seemed like a bad bang-for-the-buck for storage. I also like the option to add a SIM card and have cellular network available in case I have to go back to consulting on the road.

Life Enhancing Home Office Items

Recently, I have been bouncing between my two home office spaces, hotels and an occasional visit to a cubical in my companies building. My home office spaces are nicely equiped with dual 28” or larger monitors (which I’ll post about later), full office desks. I went overboard on some really nice high-end office chairs years ago as a business I worked for went under and sold off equipment and furniture. So my home office space is often nicer than what is provided at most businesses.

Wheels Arms

Running Github Pages locally

How to run Github Pages locally in my Microsoft Windows 10 Pro WSLv2 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS environment and using Visual Studio Code to modify the contents. I’m not a Ruby or Jekyll expert by any means but just wanted a quick guide on running my Github Pages website locally to review them before pushing to this website. Seemed like an easy enough thing but there were a couple of hiccups to sort out so thought I’d write them down for future me when I try this again.

This should also lets me test out new plugins, new versions and changes to templates without breaking the public website. I’m still sorting out how to do the abstracts and formatting of the archive pages correctly.

HP ProCurve 2800 initial setup

Get access to switch console

You will need a console serial cable to get into your HP ProCurve 2800 switch.

HP ProCurve 2810-24 Console Cable

Here is the one I bought from Amazon OIKWAN - USB Cisco Console Cable, USB to RJ45 Console Cable which has been useful on some other project as well. I have a break out for the RJ45 to let me use this on an old BlackArmor NAS and to interface with some robotics equipment. You mileage may vary but this one works great for me.

This is the ProCurve 2810-24 that is all 1Gbps ports with four SFP (not SFP+) ports that you can use with fiber or DACs. I bought three of these so I have a SAN and two home networks… then I picked up another one as a spare because it was less than $25 on eBay. So I’m all in on this switch for my home networks.

HP ProCurve 2810-24 Front View