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Professional Plans


I’m reviewing my certifications and trying to figure out the bang for the buck. I’ve got an MCP with two completed (workstation/server) and two more gets me an MCSA and three more after that get’s me the MCSE. I could also take a four courses on a grant in Oracle and get both the OCA/OCP for the DBA track but that would consume my entire life for about 16 weeks. The joy of deciding how best to screw my social life.

Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET is strange stuff. I understand why they had to build a VM on top of the OS to abstract themselves from the hardware, but good lord is it inefficient. I guess we have to use those multi-gigahertz processors and multi-GB’s of RAM for something. Let’s design something bloated and processor intensive to consume the hardware. Who says the WinTel alliance is history? I’m still wrapping my brain around some of the more esoteric pieces of this new world.

Educational Programming

Been thinking about educational game design and development again. I have the base Python libraries in place for the Windows/Macintosh work. At some point I need to get moving on this again and complete something. Talking and writing about it doesn’t get it done. In my darker moments, I’ve thought about just coding it in VB.NET. …and the world was less than it once was.