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Life Enhancing Home Office Items

Recently, I have been bouncing between my two home office spaces, hotels and an occasional visit to a cubical in my companies building. My home office spaces are nicely equiped with dual 28” or larger monitors (which I’ll post about later), full office desks. I went overboard on some really nice high-end office chairs years ago as a business I worked for went under and sold off equipment and furniture. So my home office space is often nicer than what is provided at most businesses.

Wheels Arms

That said, I recently found a couple items that while seemingly trivial were really nice add to the space. The first was changing out the wheels on the chairs with Rollerblade Style Chair Wheels and replacing the worn out arm chair rests with new Office Chair Arm Rest Replacements. This upgraded in place my older office chair and gave me a lift in moral. They seems like almost a silly change that would not matter and might not be so dramatic for others but being able to roll around easily on carpet and hard floor was really nice. The arm rests just look nicer and make me feel like I got a new chair.

You could pickup the wheels at Lowe’s Home Improvement for $40 or more which is were I got the original idea for swapping them out. They are in the furniture parts area last check. I of course, checked on Amazon found them for about $25 with a pretty good rating. The arm rests were something I have been thinking about for awhile but could not find ones that fit. These looked like something to try out and see as well.

Affilitate Links

So while doing this I’m also learning about Amazon Affilitate Links and their program for small monitization of purchases by folks that like my write up here. If you use these Amazon Affiliate Links below that I get a small bit of money towards a gift card. I figure it was something to learn about and maybe buy something fun.

These products were bought with my own money and I have no affiliation with the vendors below. I just liked their products and had a good experience with them.