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Along time between posts

So it’s been quite awhile since I posted anything to any blog. I did post a couple updates as I did projects in grad school. The Wordpress site I used for this earlier died and was hosted on a VMware ESXi server in my homelab. I didn’t have time to fix it while in school so no postings since mid-2016.

I’ve since graduated with my Masters in Interactive Intelligence (Machine Learning) from Georgia Tech in 2019 and picked up a couple of jobs that consumed the bulk of my time. So resurrecting and running my hobby website just got shelved. I did some work in NLP and wrote an academic paper with a PhD Candidate who became a PhD in Linguistics. I have a couple YouTube videos, a conference presentation and some code from that work which I should write an article to share some of the experience and code.

Part of the problem was trying to figure out the best way to get a relatively static website up and running that would not take too much effort to maintain and manage. Analysis paralysis took over for awhile as I looked into serverless options and various hosting providers.

At one point, I considered building a WordPress site again on a Digital Ocean droplet but I was facinated with the whole static website generated from YAML or MarkDown files but it seemed limited or challenging to maintain. After recently taking a quick Jekyll online lesson on Github and doing some digging around, this seemed like a path forward that offers a lot of options. This requires learning from gray areas of development I’ve avoided but I’m coming up to speed on this stuff which is a good thing.

The Github Actions component of this website build is facinating and I’m still wrapping my brain around what I can do with it. I did some side project work on OpenLens custom builds for awhile to support a work initative and it was very powerful.

So I’ve dug out my old WordPress website archives, some articles from my Google Blogging and even older archives for that includes some work from 1997 when I was at NC State University. That’s the majority of what I’ve posted here. I’ve got some additional content from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s that I want to clean up a bit and post still. Those I’ll dig into as I get time to do them. They are mostly C programming or low-level hardware work I did in those days.

I still have some rough edges with pagination, color schemes, the integration between the main site and resume site, but overall this came together quite well I think.

I’m going to try to make myself post something at least twice a month. I have two articles in DRAFTS that needs some polish before releasing and several more that I want to write on various topics. Maybe I’ll write a post on what I want to write about at some point later once I get a couple other posts out the door.

Cheers from the Carolinas and hope you have fun reading some of these brain dumps.