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Another update

TabletPC Research

Been digging into Windows Tablet PC and have a copy of the most upto date SDK on CD. Been digging around the 2002 edition and it’s strange stuff. Finding it either incredible detailed or very vague. I may just “not be getting” it yet. Won’t be the first time and not having a TabletPC to work with probably isn’t helping. Something popped and a friend of mine has a Tablet PC that they want help learning to use. So I’ve got a place to test out things once I build the test framework built.

I’m still in limbo on the part time job. Maybe I’ll have that settled by the new year. I want to do something more than just make money. Maybe I can combine the two and do something useful for society and make a little extra for fun money.

I took the full time job with the community college system. Viva 2005 for exercising and doing a 7am - 4pm job Monday - Friday. Cannot wait for it to start.


My baby brother’s wife is pregnant so I’ll be an “Uncle Mike” sometime next year. Did Christmas at my parents house and stayed at a Bed&Breakfast a few miles down the road.