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Visiting DC

Doing a presentation on NIST 800-53, IRS Publication 1075, ISO/IEC 17799, and how it relates to the NIST CWE (common weakness enumeration) at the IRS.

The basis is a comparison of the FTC Safeguards versus IRS Safeguards requirements.

Dear god am I boring when this excites me as much as it does.

Droid stuttering GPS

Ran into a goofy problem with my Motorola Droid after it just working great for the last few months. The GPS just decided to stop connecting one day. This is major bad news as the turn-by-turn navigation is a really nice feature I use a lot.

Of course I had not done anything before it stopped working …. except add Google Latitude with cell tower location, uninstall the WeatherChannel application, and installed the Weatherbug application.

Dug into the forums and found something on Weatherbug and pulling the battery on restart. Finally figured out it was probably the “Fix for GPS bug” option in Weatherbug. Testing it and posted it back to the Google Help.

New phones

Well last I posted, we just got the new Motorola Razr’s in 2007. Dumped those last month and have the Motorola Droid’s for all three of us. Nifty little things with lots of apps and things.

They are teaching a course at NCState on Java programming on Android which sounds interesting. I got a couple of books on programming for them but no time to mess with it yet.

Post later.

New cell phones

I bought new cell phones (Motorola Razor v3) for the whole family and I’ve just gotten them connected to my laptop. I’m trying to get my calendar and contact list on Gmail to download to it. The MPT (Motorola Phone Tools) lets you tie Outlook or Lotus Notes to your phone. The 5th gen video ipod has a tool to convert Gmail Calendar into your iPod. That might be an interesting place to start. It would be nice to tie the calendar together for the whole family on our phones.

The phone itself is actually quite a powerful little toy. The mobile java is an interesting environment.