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As part of the VPN solution: Turn off DHCP on Google WiFi to use another DHCP Server


ProCurve CheatSheet (has LAG/LACP)

WSLv2 APT Upgrade

Processing triggers for libc-bin (2.35-0ubuntu3.6) ...
/sbin/ldconfig.real: /usr/lib/wsl/lib/ is not a symbolic link


PDF version of Resume autogen

T480 Thomas WSLv2 with VSCode Chocolatey setup Document using nvidia mx150 for AI/ML with Automatic1111 and Comfy

Aimos KVM Really good review with limitations of this KVM

PiKVM setup Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get to second virtual console

ScrollLock-ScrollLock - 1-8
Ctrl-Ctrl 1-8

Fix terminal consoles - currently 75 rows 200 colums
    stty -a
    stty rows 45 cols 160
    resizecons 80x25 (FAILED)

Change passwords (root & admin)
    To change passwords, use the following commands (under root):
    su -  # If you're in the webterm
    rw  # Switch filesystem to read-write mode
    passwd root  # Change OS root password
    kvmd-htpasswd set admin  # Change web ui admin password
    ro  # Back to read-only

Static IP to PiKVM
    Enable writing with "rw" command on CLI
    Edit file /etc/systemd/network/ for Ethernet or for Wi-Fi and edit the [Network] section:
    Don't forget the /24 suffix (CIDR), otherwise it will not work and your PiKVM will become unreachable


How do I add my own SSL cert?
What is the default password? How do I change it? (admin/admin)

Tailscale / Headscale vs WireGuard on Brume2 Thinking space here…

TheTinkerDad (German dude) on Youtube with long rambling LXC/LXD permissions Need to grab those and consolidate it to something shorter for a cheatsheet. It is really long and boring… “LXC + Docker Containers + Storage - A Crash Course!” maybe worth digging into other videos

PiKVM and KVM setup video on youtube The order of operation is important and having an HDMI splitter that doesn’t break the bank for local and webui is important. Maybe fix for media

How to add PiKVM KVM buttons to webui

Link Aggregation (LAG/LACP) - LoRaWAN Apalrd -